Interested in working together? 

How does it work?

Have trees that need to come down or are already down? We will come out, survey the wood, and, if everything looks good and we can make usable lumber from it, we will take the wood away, free of charge.


What do you charge for your removal services?

Nothing, as long as the wood is usable. Since we offer a free service, we can be selective with the projects we take on. We will never take on a project that is dangerous for us or the property owner.


What do you do with the wood, once removed?

We mill the wood into usable lumber. The wood is then dried in our dehumidification kiln and then either used to make furniture or sold to other woodworkers/makers in the area.


Can you make furniture with the wood you reclaimed from our property?

Absolutely. That is the main goal of Doctor Lumber: to make usable lumber and furniture from the wood we cut down and save it from the landfills. We can work out pricing on the furniture, but our prices come out somewhere in between Ikea and Restoration Hardware. We will schedule a design consultation, figure out your tastes, draw up some sketches, give you a fair price and, once agreed upon, get to work making a conversation piece for your home. "This dining table was actually made from a tree that came down in our backyard..." 

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