Where did the idea come from?


When my wife and I were getting married, we wanted a more "rustic" themed wedding reception. One of the ideas we had was to do wood centerpieces, slices of wood, that we would put candles and fact cards on. After pricing what these slices cost (at minimum 10$/slice times 40 tables!) I bought a chainsaw instead and went in search of wood to cut.

I contacted a local tree removal service and asked them what they did with their wood. They told me, for the most part, they just burned it in a big bonfire a few times a month! I was floored. All that wood going to complete waste! So after some research, I found that there is a big push from organizations like the Urban Wood Network to take "urban wood" and repurpose it, giving it new life after it's been cut down.

That is something we strongly believe in at Doctor Lumber.